TIME to start shearing !

Llama Fleece workshop -  Let’s take a look at llama fleece from
 “beginning to end”

From field to a beautiful finished fleece product:
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Judy Ross, Bio
Good News Llamas,
 llama fleece judge


  •  Fiber evaluation of your herd

  •   What makes a healthy fleece?

  • Types of fiber

  • Grooming for the show fleece vs. everyday grooming

  • Shearing - for show and comfort

  • Preparing a fleece to show

  • Preparing a llama for a walking fleece class

  • How to properly skirt a llama fleece

  • Washing your fleece

  • Processing, mills or do it yourself

  • Entering a fleece show

  • Uses for lama fiber

Fleece Judging to me is more than being able to write down a number on a score sheet.  I had to understand the fleece from the  
  “ beginning to the end”  to be able to fairly judge.  How can I truly know what I am judging if I don’t understand the circle of life for this fleece. To me a fleece is more than the entry in a “clear plastic bag”.

·         As a fleece exhibitor – This allows me to know the amount of work needed to prepare a fleece for exhibition. To understand the proper grooming , shearing and skirting techniques that has been used to prepare this fleece for competition.

·         As a hand spinner – To feel the fleece slide through my fingers and imagine the beautiful garments that can be produced.

·         My experience with dyeing gives me the understanding of the makeup of the llama’s fiber and how it reacts to natural and chemical dyes.

·         As I knit, crochet and weave a little I understand how the yarns or roving become usable finished products, understanding the concept of blending other fibers to make an even more usable garment. The warmth and weight of the products you produce depending you the types of yarns you use. You don’t use the prickly yarns for items that touch your body, silky will not make good socks.

·         As a felter to see how beautiful the fibers compress and strengthen

·         To know why crimp is important, does guard hair have a use, why is fiber length important why is density of fiber important

Let's talk fiber,