River Cities Fiber Clan



        Batts carded hunks of fiber as it comes off of a drum carder

        Fiber the unspun hair/wool/plant material (as opposed to thread which is spun)

        Hank a 560 yard long skein of wool, usually wound on a niddy-noddy or reel

        Knot a 40 yard strand skein of yarn wound on a reel or niddy-noddy that measures two yards in circumference = 80 yards

        Niddy-noddy double headed tool used in skeining spun yarn

        Noils Short fibers removed when coming the fleece; can be mixed with other wool and carded and spun

        Pencil roving thinner strips of roving roughly the diameter of a pencil

        Rolag finger sized roll of carded wool, ready for spinning to make woolen yarn

        Skeining winding yarn off the spindle

        Sliver strips of batts in one continuous strip

        Tops long fibers straightened by combing