"Our Emily"
one year old - right before we 'hacked" off her "hair"
How you learn about llamas!

Timberwind's Fabian 6 mos

Timberwind's Emily 6 mos


Our first llamas Timberwind's Emily and Timberwind's Fabian. Tom became interested in llamas after visiting a llama show at the Ohio State fairgrounds in 1995. In the fall of 1996 we visited Timberwind Llamas in Johnstown, Ohio and walked into a field of more that 100 llamas. Emily at 5 months old came up to Tom and picked him out to be her new owner. She would follow him around and we thought she was the most beautiful llama in the world. I can remember feeling the fiber on her back and saying to Tom "feel how thick her hair is, I know she will be "Heavy Wooled". One month later when they were weaned at 6 months we picked them up. We took them home in the back of the pickup truck with a topper. We knew absolutely nothing about llamas. We arrived home and they cried all night.  I think with must have treated them more like dogs than llamas. They were brushed and fooled with everyday. They went to the nursing home, parades, churches and walks. I can remember that next June we were going to go to a Vacation Bible School and at a year old they needed to have a "hair cut" to keep them cool. We purchased 'GIANT" sheep shears and while Tom was at work I tied Fabian to the fence and literally hacked off  his beautiful fiber.

Oh my I look back on this moment and would give anything to have that beautiful single coated juvenile fleece. I was so proud, he stood there as his fiber was just allowed to drop to the ground and was blown away by the wind. What survived was discarded in the trash.

Next was Emily, Tom did a much better job of shearing her and she looked very nice with her new hair cut.  We took them to bible school that next day thinking we had the most beautiful perfect llamas that were ever born. Well they proved us right, they are the most perfect llamas at least to us. Hours of Joy, Love and Devotion they have given us over the years.  For our very first llamas we could not have made a better choice. God knew exactly which llamas He wanted us to bring home that day and we thank Him for showing us Emily and Fabian.

We know now that we made a lot of mistakes, but by the grace of God and mentoring from friends they survived and now it's our turn to help that very first owner find as much enjoyment with their llamas as we have with ours. Our life has never been the same, now we we share it with our llamas.

Emily had a very successful show career and Fabian has been our "guard boy".