Llamas in Peril!

Guanaco in South America showing  the jumping ability of the Camelid

The population of llamas has greatly increased and the market has greatly decreased. Farms now find themselves with older llamas they consider no longer valuable and a farm overrun with young male llamas they consider "pet quality".  As with many breeders of dogs, horses, etc. the goal to produce that perfect show animal has produced an over population of llamas now looking for a home.  The so called backyard breeder hoping to make a few dollars breeding inferior and related animals now seeking a place to UNLOAD them.  So what happens to llamas we once treasured?

With the help of many llama trainers, breeders and veterinarians we hope to share with you information that will help you understand the llama a little better.  They do have special needs and  can exhibit behavioral problems if not properly trained.

Today we will talk about:
  • Understanding Llama Behavior
  • Capture Concerns
  • Types of restraints
  • How to load after the capture
  • Basic needs of the llama
  • Some contact information where you can receive help


Neglected toenails a danger to the
 health of the llama