How to load for transport
Loading - Llamas usually load very easily, they will "kush" lay down when riding

Remember the llama is scared and thinks your purpose is to harm him  -
If you are calm it will transfer to the animal

 One person pulling, other person bumps llama  from behind. Or a person on each side with hands clasped under chest to  lift into van or truck while one person pulls from inside. DON'T Touch the head or face area. If the llama is not halter broken, and leading it  is necessary, I would recommend using a belly line to keep the llama from  injuring itself fighting the halter. A long lead can then be run through a  trailer to guide the llama, and helpers can apply gentle  pressure to the  llama's haunches to help load it, and if necessary, the front legs can be  tickled with a stick or picked up and placed in the loading area.