Llamas, Llamas Everywhere!
Mitzi Ross, Good News Llamas

 Wow the media is exploding with llamas lately!

Llamas are showing up in catalogs, magazines, movies, TV commercials/shows, music videos, and games.

 Why not take advantage of some hype already started?  I have a few great ideas to share with you to get your llamas seen by the public.

 You could send out some invitations for a llama visit to people in charge of places you would like your llamas to be able to go (for instance, local school boards, libraries, art museums, festival chairpersons, etc). Have them come out the farm for a visit. Be sure to have plenty of business cards, farm information and llama education information available. Let them meet the llamas give them a sample of what you have to offer.

 Another area you may want to consider is pet therapy. Contact local hospitals, nursing homes, day care centers, group homes, rehab homes, and hospice groups. Pet therapy is a great outlet for these patients and families. Perhaps you could set some visit times up with one of these groups to bring patients and/or families out to see your llamas or maybe you could take your llamas to them for a special event. There is one local nursing home close to us that has had llamas for years. They are close the nursing home so the patients can see them out the windows and in the past the llamas have been brought up close and personal for the patients.

 Parades! Everyone loves a parade and even the smallest of communities have parades. Check with local town and county governments to see what parades are offered and when they are. Take your llamas with a farm banner and march proudly showing just how great you look! One word of caution…if you are doing summer parades please be mindful of the heat factor we all know llamas and excess heat do not match up well. And make sure you watch out for hot asphalt that can burn llama toes.

 Here is a great suggestion to help you be ready to share vital information about your farm and llamas. Make up a farm sheet. Share information on how your got started in llamas, what drew you to them, how many you have, where you live, things your do with them, llama information, special stories, farm location and visitor information. This can be done in a simple one-sheet format to a fancy trifold. This gives everyone who visits your farm or your llamas at a public appearance something to remember them.

 Please always remember when sharing your llamas make sure everyone is safe. The llamas are looking good and healthy. There is llama education information available to hand out for people interested in llamas. And if by chance you sell a llama or two please be sure to be a responsible breeder and make sure the new owners have all the information they need to get started and have healthy, happy llamas!

 Have information for them to take home before they pick up the llamas or they are delivered with basic llama needs and care information. Also be sure to give them the name of your vet and any others in the area that know camelid health. Offer to be a contact person questions and problems. You can also provide them with a listing of local llama farmers that would be willing to help with questions and problems.