Mitzi’s Fiber Journey

2003 Fiber Journey Update

Three years ago after much prompting and prodding from llama friends tired of wiping my drool off their wheels. Susie Smithers allowed me to experiment with two spinning wheels one was a beautiful Ashford wheel (that intimidated me) and the other was a nice simple Louet wheel (which I use today). I purchased my wheel and set out on my fiber journey.

 For many months, I spun what I like to affectionately call “Santa beards” needless to say it wasn’t the prettiest or most usable yarn. “Santa beards” are yarn singles that are usually pencil thick filled with thick, thin, huge, un-spun, and over spun sections. The girls all used to say relax Mitzi; this is supposed to be fun. Spinning is so relaxing. Yet every time I sat to spin I tensed up and had a horrible time. I quit a hundred times. I thought about seeing if someone would buy my wheel.

 I sat with the “fiber mavens” at llama shows and meetings trying to pick up hints and tips. It seemed as though everyone who tried to teach me did something different. Finally something clicked in my brain, I began to spin consistently and evenly. AND THIN!!!!! No more pencil thick singles. I couldn’t believe it. I had actually learned to spin. It was truly a miracle from God. I could actually begin to find spinning relaxing.

 I began to go to spin-ins and the more I spun the more I learned. I began taking lessons from a wonderful teacher Billie Bannerman. She showed me so many things about tension and proper arm movements. Billie exposed me to spinning all sorts of fibers. We did silk, dog, cotton, and flax. Each lesson was not only a spinning lesson but also a history lesson and a life lesson.

 I got all excited about making an entry in the fiber show at the Ohio State Fair. I didn’t get my skein to my satisfaction so I didn’t enter that. I did enter three fiber samples from our boys. I was so excited because my llama Daneyko won a fourth place ribbon for the sample and Judy’s llama Gabriel won a fifth. I also learned valuable lessons about fiber sample and fleece preparations for showing.

 I am still learning every time I spin. I am finding it more and more fun and relaxing the more I do it. I am learning more advanced knitting skills. I hope to one day bring home a blue ribbon for one of my skeins or projects. Wouldn’t that make my teachers proud!!

 I can’t believe that I can say this but…


 And I am turning into a “FIBER MAVEN”!

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