Help My Llama's Loose!

These suggestions come from
several experienced trainers and 
may differ for your individual needs:

Remember Llamas are not like Horses, Cows, Dogs or Cats. 
In the wild the llama is an animal that is a PREY animal 
always on the guard for the predator.

"Eyes in front, they hunt - Eyes on the side, they hide"

Things that make a llama panic:

When Rescuing a Llama - SLOW is the KEY and a lot of patience
you must win their trust

Once you capture the llama, take the llama to a small area - stall, corral or fenced in area. If it is hot provide cool water, shade and a fan. Llamas die from HEAT STRESS. Provide clean hay. 

Things that can harm the llama in his new area:

Signs of Stress: Stress causes ulcers and can kill

What are the basic needs:

"Sharing the opinions  and suggestions of many to help our llamas/alpacas"