Purchasing a Llama
As a new owner, or just thinking about wanting a llama, we encourage you to  check  the  different links TLC has provided  to assist you in  learning more about your llama. 

More New Owner Information and Health Links

Recommendations : From TriState Llama Caregivers

DO NOT purchase a Llama less than 5 months of age - we recommend at least 6 months, weaning is a difficult time for llamas as they bond so close with the mother

Llamas are herd animals. You should have at least two so they can have a companion
If you have only two you need the same sex as around one year males and females should be separated

Purchase your Llama from a reputable farm that will provide you with support and a guarantee. Stock sales or flea markets are not the best place to purchase animals. Most farms have very affordable animals and will work with you on your purchase and provide education on the care and needs of your llama.

Contact a local Veterinary to set up a health care maintenance program

Feed a good quality Llama Feed (they contain vitamins your llama needs) and hay

Provide a shelter, clean water and pasture (barb wire fencing is not recommended)

Male llamas - around the age of two years - need to have FIGHTING TEETH removed
This is for the safety of other males in your herd

Male llamas should be removed from your females by one year of age
(to prevent unwanted breeding) If your male is not used for breeding we recommend that you castrate him. Geldings  make Wonderful!! companions

Keep toenails trimmed for health of the Llamas feet

SHEAR your Llama in the spring to help them stay cool and prevent heat stress - In hot weather provide shade, fans, plastic wading pools  to keep your Llama cool and of course shear your Llama

Vaccinate your Llama yearly for CDT - Check with your Veterinary for his recommendation of vaccinations

Worm your Llama at least 4 times a year. If you have a large deer population you may need to worm monthly. Check with your Veterinary for a schedule and the proper wormer and dosage.

Some type of chute is nice for grooming, vet visits, or emergencies