Good News Llamas, Ohio Llamas

Breeding Program at Good News Llamas:
After eight years of building our herd, learning about llamas, showing and being mentored by some of the most knowledgeable breeders in the llama community we are starting our breeding program and will have quality show and fiber animals for sale in 2004. We have been very selective in our selection of foundation females and will continue to add quality healthy girls to our breeding program. When we purchase a llama we want correct conformation, a gentle personality and silky fiber.  This has also become our goal in our breeding program as we produce these qualities in llamas we offer for sale. By attending health conferences, fiber shows and training clinics we are able to keep current on any new developments in llamas. Because of our busy schedule we are limited in the number of shows we attend each year, but our llamas have been consistent winners in the show ring. We keep health records on each llama and you will be able to see several generations from our bloodlines to help you in your purchase. We provide extensive ongoing support.  Call anytime to visit our llamas 740-867-4267. We offer two quality herdsires Timberlane's Pala-BlazeGNL Gabriel and YW Gossamer Cruz

CL Paladin Get of Sire

Left- Pala-Star, Middle-Pala-Blaze,
 Right- GNL Heaven's Jubilee

A strong selective breeding program  can produce qualities that are passed on for generations. When we purchased Pala-blaze as one of our herdsires we looked at his sire CL Paladin's offspring. We wanted bone, size, fiber and correct conformation.

Timberlane's Sierra  has passed on her traits to her two offspring., GNL Heaven's Jubilee on left  and GNL Gabriel on right. Gabriel will be showing off his first babies 2004 and Jubilee will be going to Yellow Wood Llamas for her first breeding as she is related to both our herdsires. As we have began a focus on producing quality silky fiber we have selected a herdsire that can give us that show winning conformation covered with silky fiber.