Llama Runaway Llama photo

Help I'm Loose, and I don't know what to do

Understanding Llama Behavior,
Capture Concerns, Basic Needs

Tom and Judy Ross
Good News Llamas
975 Co. Rd. 104
Chesapeake, Ohio 45619

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Don't CHASE, you will need to gain the trust of the llama,  horse feed put in a catch pen will lure the llama to a place you can gain his trust. If time is not a factor, try this for several days and the llama will become familiar with you and the food. Do Not try to touch the head or face, this will scare the llama.

Use another llama as bate - this has worked best for us
You will need a small catch pen / corral built with gate panels
make a temporary fence in the corner of a field
Contact your local extension agent for help in locating other llamas in your area
internet search for farms, veterinarians, llama shows in your area for locating experienced llama owners
Internet  search for rescue groups in your area

This is information from a presentation that was shared by Tom and Judy Ross, Good News Llamas,  at the spring meeting of the Kentucky Animal Care and Control Managers, Louisville, KY. Many people helped provide information contained in the talk that was given to 70 attendees.  100 packets were handed out that contained the following information to be used as a guideline in the capture and housing of a "runaway" llama. Demonstrations were given on use of herding polls, catch rope, herding  tape and different ways to build a catch pen. You are welcome to print this information and give to agencies in your area that might benefit from the contents. Please contact us if you have any questions about the information. 

In order to  be successful in "Llama Capture" is it important to understand
why the llama acts the way he does.